Ten middle school students adolescence's psychological conflict

First, good wishes and ready out of conflict almost every student has good intentions, full of longing and yearning for the future. They fantasy do a has learned, and by people respect of writer, and engineers, and doctor, and entrepreneurs, and leaders and so on, and actually they among has some learning not is efforts of, they taking one day at a, although they of wishes is better of, but they pursuit of full is achieved ideal Hou of all honors and enjoy, and on achieved ideal need from now do up, need pay hard of labor, is wants to have not more, do have enough, formed has better of wishes and psychological prepared out of contradictions. Effective method to solve this problem, is to educate students to handle well the relationship between the ideal and the reality, to make them understand, good idea need to work hard to achieve.
Second, a strong consciousness of enjoyment and sense of labor conflicts in recent years, with the development of market economy, people's living standards constantly improving, some high school students more and more about "real", together with some parents towards their children spoiled, children spend too recklessly, increasing consumer desires of middle school students. According to our survey, most students buy a snack every day, student birthdays, subject to reciprocity, but also to put the booze. The boys in the "smoking man", "little people" there: pay attention to all the girls in dresses abound, some girls carry high-end cosmetics, constantly changing fashion clothing. But there are quite a few of these students who labour sense, they despise labor, even think that labour is redundant, even the usual school cleaning or hate, can be said of Labor's passive attitude, labor-averse thinking is very common in some middle school students. Therefore, teachers should teach students the labor of love is a human virtue, through the enjoyment of work is lawful, Honorable, something for nothing is a shameful act.
Third, the mental block and thirst for understanding conflicts due to the development of self-awareness, students began to concentrate on his own inner world, so as to realize their ideas, emotions and other psychological characteristics that are different from others. But also because of its social life experiences gradually, they began to realize that exists between man and man affiliated psychological incompatibility and differences. They were willing to "close friends" pour out their innermost secrets, looked down upon those with the mentor tone to them who, unwilling to Exchange feelings with such people, to reveal their inner world. They than with elders reveal inner, self closed. Investigations found that a considerable part of his mind of middle school students "say to yourself" or "said to the journal", to the students and teachers hide secrets. Due to their hidden inner feelings, which often produce feelings of loneliness. Such students often through keeping a journal, drawing, writing, to express the sense of boredom and loneliness. Their understanding is needed by someone else, and survey found that a significant portion of students think teachers "didn't understand" and "don't understand". Solve this problem require teachers and students to make friends, understand their behavior, and help them solve problems, to extricate them from the boredom and loneliness.
IV, independent consciousness and rely on psychological of contradictions with age of growth, middle school students of psychological increasingly mature, they increasingly was himself is "adults" has, and began from "obedient moral" to "equal moral" transition, requirements from adults of constraints in the liberation out, on Sissy type of preaching and the too care will produced antipathy, individual students will occurred against teacher phenomenon, even on school, and social produced against mood, can said they of independent intention, and subject consciousness is is strongly of, But they lack the necessary knowledge and skills. This is the school of education less attention in cultivating students ' ability of independent, b parents because traditional family relations and does not encourage their children to early independence. Surveys show that a significant part of parents ask their children to "just getting into University, anything no matter what", so the cause of middle school students ' actual dependence. This dependence is reflected not only in economic terms, is also reflected in their daily lives, there has been a "mouth and dress", "just learn, regardless of other" anomalies. Therefore, teachers should consciously developing student self-reliance and a parent, let them do their things by yourself, and gradually eliminate their dependency.
Finally, the contradiction between emotion and reason students susceptible, and emotional. On one hand, they are full of enthusiasm and passion. Survey on the country's future, most of the students ' "confidence" and "more confident". The other hand, their emotional and highly susceptible to outside influences, prone to impulsive, volatile, sometimes one small success and was glad, also disheartened because of the failure of a small, sometimes trifles argued. Their emotions and feelings always swing at the Poles, unable to control their emotions cool: excited, like a flying hydrogen balloons pumped up and with the wind; down, like a defeated rooster in despair. They are their favorite things, highly motivated, and we're not interested in things, then stay away. This means the students ' mood, emotion and constant ups and downs, decline of the polarized State of this rose, which is difficult to control with their heads. To solve this contradiction, teacher education students learn how to use reason to control feelings, he can not be tired, calm down.
VI, aggressive and self-control in contradiction with weak students have positive progress of the heart, and they strongly desire, self-esteem and ambition are inseparable. But because they think the problem is not careful, often with great emotion to see people and things around, and in some cases unilaterally insist, or collective requirements for teachers, it is intended to do, not to blindly reject or at loggerheads, can't control themselves, Act on impulse, then regret it. All this illustrates their will and character development is not yet mature, self-control, control is not strong, weak form a self-motivated and self contradictions. To resolve this contradiction, teachers on the one hand to be sure the student's initiative, on the other hand to exercise their will power, so that they can handle the relationship between the two.
VII, information of vision of the contradiction and lack of ability to identify with the progress of the times, scientific and technological development, improvement in material living conditions, increasing exchanges of information, broadcasting, film, television, video and other audiovisual tools are widely used. Students in such of environment in the, hears, informed, vision open, awareness space get great expand, from astronomical geographic, and air visitors, and world cloud, and computer, and market dynamic to clothing, and hairstyles, and pop,, they are is enthusiastic curious, and active inquiry, but due to they of worldview, and Outlook on life also not completely formed, on beauty, and ugliness of identify force, and identification force also not strong, coupled with objective reality of complex, thus they on things of awareness often is partial narrowly, Easy to be fooled by appearances, awareness of the chaotic. In this case, some unhealthy ideology, it is easy to enter their hearts, affects their healthy growth. The key to solving this problem is through the analysis, comparison and improve students ' selection information, the ability to tell right from wrong.
VIII, helpful contradictions and moral standards are not high for many high school students can now actively social, do good schools, classes, students can actively do good: when students have a difficult time, they offered to lend a helping hand when students have unfortunately, they consciously, money and materials. But there are some moral level is not high enough, they steal to contributions by fighting for the weak students to complain, use cheating to help poor students improve scores. Naturally forming a helpful behavior and moral standards are not high conflict. On this contradiction, teachers to be clever to boot, sure its good side, and pointed out its shortcomings, and make them understand what is the true meaning of helping others.
Ninth, the contradiction of interests and interest the lack of modern high school students interested in many things: they not only care about learning in class, but also learning; not only likes literature, and fond of technology books not only care about life, relish events at home and abroad. But equally important is that many students of the external forms of interest far beyond the interest of the thing itself, in a wide range of interests in the lack of interest in the Centre. Moreover, their interest is unstable and susceptible to outside influence, is very strong. To resolve this contradiction, teachers at implied, students from a variety of interest, gradually forming a stable Center of interest.
Tenth, become desire and hatred for the contradictions from the perspective of long-term goals, middle school students for the future fantasy, hope I will motivate them, do a big business; from the perspective of short-term goals, most high school students hope their academic excellence, live up to the expectations of parents, teachers, friends and family. But in the process of learning, they feel overburdened again, studying too hard too tired to keep hatred surge, forming a want to learn and are tired of conflicts. To solve this contradiction, teachers told the students that to success we must have knowledge, skills, or nothing at all. Learning is a chore, but with determination and perseverance, will be bitter sweet.
In short, middle school students ' psychological conflicts are complex, its causes have physiological, psychological, social, family, self, and education work on negligence, correctly understand these contradictions, contribute to our determination to improve the quality of education.