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Way of life, there are two, the first is the same as the grass alive. You can live each year continues to grow, but you are a grass; you absorb the rain and sunshine, but grow up. People can walk on you, not because of the pain and suffering people because you will not be stepped on, pity you, because the people themselves do not see you. Therefore, each one of us should grow like a tree. Even though we're nothing, but as long as you have a seed of the tree, even stepped into the mud by people, you are still able to absorb soil nutrients, grow up. Maybe two, three years, you grow up, but eight or 10 years, 20 years, you will be able to grow into towering trees, when you grow into towering trees, distant place, people will be able to see you come to you, you can give people a piece of green, a shade, you can help others. Even after people leave you, looking back at her, you are still a beautiful scenery on the horizon. Trees live is beautiful scenery, death is still the backbone. Living dead are useful, this is that each of our students how the standards and development of standards.
When a human when someone is alive, in serious trouble. Because the standard is not the same as others, did not insist on the subject and what you want your dignity and self-respect is not guaranteed, because you are always in a precarious middle. For us, the best way to maintain their dignity and self-esteem is what? You have a dream, from the most basic steps, you can begin to pursue. For example you want to replace me, New Oriental's Chairman and President, can you do that? As long as you have enough attitude and enough way to do things, as well as the mind, definitely can do it.
The man who wanted things done at once, even if he did this thing, he has no base, because it is on the Beach House, will finally collapse. Only slowly, step by step, to get things done, every step of the lay a solid foundation, every step of the way to give yourself a good explanation, again to go to the next higher step of the people, he can really make things succeed.
When you decide to do all his life, then you will firmly go on, just do not change. You can be like a river, the flow the more broad, but don't want to go into a river, or a mountain. With such a goal, your life will not shake, not because there is some opportunity, you scurry around, so you can make things.
An important capability of our future, called the ability to bear. Many celebrities will encounter many many things that you can't stand, but you have to put up with. And you can't succeed without stand. Why, because you do not bite, you don't have the time, you have no space, not into the future of space. If you want to move towards the future, eventually become stronger and more prosperous, you have to do to give myself plenty of time and space. Turn to our own lives, wants to fight for a great goal when you have must be excluded, all trivial distractions in your life, so you'll have to bear.
No matter what age we are, we can't do the qibuguo thing. Let you qibuguo so much in this world, only when you have, the world only to the most brilliant side in front of you.
I have such a metaphor, life of the every river has its own different curves. Curve of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, is definitely not the same. But every river has its own dreams, that is, towards the sea. So no matter how the twists and turns of the Yellow River, bypassing the obstacle; turn more bent than the Yellow River of the Yangtze River, but she broke through the cliffs, in a way that is not the same, but at the end it went out to sea. When we encounter difficulties, whether it is to go over or rush, as long as we could in the past. I hope that we can make our lives the dream stream past, like the Yangtze River, the Yellow River flow to the end of their dreams into the open ocean, so that your life becomes an open, his career has become open. But it is not what you want so you can stream past, here has a spiritual side, there is no doubt that is the spirit of water. Our life sometimes is sediment, though you also follow them along with the water flow, but because of your personality defects, in the face of difficult setbacks or fear, you may slowly be settled like sediment, once you settle down, maybe you need to move on and try, but you never see the Sun shall not. You settle down, above the sediment will keep you down, you'll end up darkness. So I recommend that everyone, regardless of your present life is, be sure to have the spirit of water. Even if it is polluted, can wash themselves. Like water, constantly saving their strength, constantly breaking down barriers when you find time to time, to accumulate their thickness, when one day when the time comes, you will be running into the sea, the achievements of his life.
Tide is a State of mind, you want to cross it, they can cross.
When a lot of people working, with anger and resentment, you long to do well.
How to get things done more successfully a few key points. The first point, how to combine your long-term and short-term goals. We need to understand that what we want to do in a lifetime, and what was done all at once, we don't have to do things. There is a Chinese word for hurry slowly, and the more you rush things, you do more careful, more careful, more able to get things done. And the more you rush things, done as fast as possible, and I also called the emergency event. The second element is to determine his life doing. So I think it is very important, is usually when doing the things of time planning. Another point is the successful discipline yourself. At any time, when facing a huge temptation in front of you, and when any possible temptation, if you feel like you can't stop, you don't go after that thing. Because you can't stop that thing, finally tripped up just for you.
Remember, the time can do anything out.
Great difference with the ordinary, an ordinary person living a little of every day life, but his elaborately trivial, or a bunch of little ones life. So-called great people are a bunch of little things, by a great goal, after accumulating a day into a great career.
My core values are, good living, with good attitude to treat his own life and the lives of others.
There are two words I'm more appreciated. Life is a process as a result.
Each of us is living every day, every day if you are not happy, you combine all every day, your life is not happy. Every day but if you are happy, you are happy. Once when I was walking down the Yellow River, I use the water bottle poured a bottle of water. You know particularly muddy Yellow River, then I put on the roadside, about an hour or so. I was very surprised to find that, three-fourths has become a very clear and a bottle of water, but only one-fourth are deposited sediment. If we put the bottle of water, then part of our happiness and joy, and that precipitated the muddy sediment, we are suffering, you see; when you shake, then, your whole world is cloudy in life, which is filled with pain and grief. But when you calm down, then, although total sediment weight is not reduced, but it settle in your heart, because your heart is calm, so will never be stirred up and three-fourths of your life, you must be happiness and joy.
Human life is not smooth, absolutely you can't finish, you together with others in the world, when you do things together for the same goal, to have made about it. A person's power is limited, but the power of a group of people is unlimited. When the five fingers stretched out when it was five fingers, but by the time you held up five fingers, which is a fist. In addition to your own success in the future, be sure to success with others, together with others, forming our, you can get things done.