Have you lost the imagination of middle school students?

"In 21 countries surveyed around the world, China ranked first children's computing power, imagination is ranked first, creativity, fifth from bottom. Why is there such a phenomenon? ", Three sessions of the 20th meeting of the NPC Standing Committee yesterday, this is Committee of the Chongqing Education Ordinance (draft) (the draft), the municipal people's Congress, President Hu Jiankang, Deputy Director, sent regrets. (November 24, the Chongqing evening news) China children's imagination ranked first, cheered when the complexity of flavor: did China lose imagination? Lost imagination surely is scary, giant of science Einstein said, "imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited while imagination is unlimited. Imagination is the source of knowledge evolution. "There is no imagination there is no creativity, no creativity will fall into stagnation, only clumsy" Cottage ", or mechanically stick can hardly master.
Chinese children did born lost the imagination? I can't believe this! In early childhood, maybe everyone is crying for the Moon, the wings of imagination was magnificent and very romantic, but the older, seems more and more imaginative, and this is why? A well known case is, the teacher asks "what after the snow melts? "The child answered" spring snow ", results the answer was marked with the Red Cross, because it is inconsistent with the standard answer.
Therefore, I thought of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics Laureate, Chinese-American scientist Charles Kao's childhood experience. Kao was very curious, what toys are like open, but his parents did not punish him, as Kao said, "(I) either study is really fun when you look inside. I was lucky, no one gave me. If they think I'm doing this bad habit, curiosity that I may suffer. "Each child childhood may have removed the toy experience, but mostly all Straus. Perhaps, a wigged curiosity killed the boy. Without curiosity, on what is imagination?
Chinese student lost his imagination seems to blame teachers and parents. But that's only appearance, the root cause is well known for its examination-oriented education. Famous writer Jin Yong said that during his degree at Cambridge University found that Chinese students are usually first year grades are very good, but less the next school year, to the third and fourth academic year will fall behind. The reason, and Chinese students will only be related to memory, know endorsement. This example is very convincing, when it comes to the point. Students only know that endorsement, the Board not only on students, should play in the examination-oriented education.
Why memorize? Rote learning may get high marks; why not imaginative? Imaginative would be difficult to meet the standard answer. Many of our tests very mechanical, the answer is only are provided, must match in order to get points, if the students divergent thinking, imagination, passion, it is impossible to get a high score, not get high scores to get into good schools, even can't go to University, which forced the students learning by rote, everything turns around the test. When the examination was rigid, inflexible, and students must be rigid and inflexible.
Famous educationalist Tao xingzhi said, educators, among the following two elements must be one just can be counted as the best character: a daring exploration is not new; second, dare uncivilized frontier. Exploration is not new, that is, creative spirit; dare into the savage frontier, that is, open spirit. Today, we do not need more innovative and open spirit of the educator? Whether it created or opened, the first is to have the imagination. Perhaps, only break the pattern of examination-oriented education, emerging visionary educators, our students will have imagination.