2011 entrance examination required four States of mind

2011 entrance examination must have four faces mid-term exams, students typically have four psychological States:
I. blind-test-oriented mentality. Students of this state of mind is still relatively immature, no quick learning. New school, new teachers and new classmates brought their excitement isn't dying, for their learning is not too concerned about that time was early, one exam cannot explain the problem, test showed a loose deal with attitude.
II. to defend dignity. Such students usually learn to pull ahead of outstanding performance in the entrance examination. Their learning experiences in the past have always regarded themselves as the best, hopes to pass the exam to show their extraordinary strength, and strengthen their position in the new class.
III. inferiority timidity psychology. Students of this school used to be ideal or larger difficulties in a subject, they want to change their situation, but apparently are still gaps with other students. Mid-term exam anxiety, fear of unsatisfactory examination results would affect her image in the new group.
IV. eagerness. Most of these students in the Middle, but they have great potential for learning, usually hobbies, desire is very strong. They are eager to pass the entrance first test after establishing his new image, breaking the previous levels, laying a good foundation for future development.
Then, as how parents should guide their children into the right's Prep State? Following tips for everyone three considerations:
First, lower your expectations. In a rational attitude to exams, desire, want to quickly change the image marks the students began to mature, started to think seriously about their own development, which is to be encouraged about a State of mind. If your children have very strong expectations of the exam, you should encourage the timely. However, parents should guide their children recognized that any success to hard work, need the spirit of perseverance, regardless of how the midterm score, does not represent the consistent trend in the future. This could help your child more smarter with test, avoid excessive shock or relax in a successful effort.
Second, lay down their thoughts. Exams with a stable attitude, high-achieving students, exams can cause greater psychological pressure for the first time. They are often worried about bad teachers, students will leave a bad impression, even worry to his campaign Committee, named the "students" have adverse effects, and many other things. In fact, this concern is often not necessary, parents should prompt child test scores are only part of personal ability, not comprehensive ability of the flag. So you can help your child put unnecessary psychological burden and ensure a smooth face exams, more concentrated in the energy review.
Third, develop self-confidence. In a whole new perspective of the exam, students with learning difficulties, parents can be appropriate to encourage them to break through in the first test. However, it is best to develop realistic standards in line with the child situation, if compared with the previous increase, do not have to insist. Attention parents can remind children more strict about the exam, a reasonable goal setting allows children to have a clear goal. Also, parents should guide their children from a new look at the significance of the examination, comprehension tests is one of their learning, identifying weaknesses can be targeted to improve, not to test there is fear, as long as they win is a win.