Family common sense

Real happiness

How we should educate our children? like we're educating our children and sincere, but sincere and bullied by others outside; we are teaching children kindness, we found good children do not have access to social acceptance. We will reflect on whether teaching kids opportunistic, does teach kids a little bit more aggressive. Something we adults do, sometimes unknowingly to show children the bad things, for kids has major impact on the formation of values and world Outlook, Outlook on life. Therefore, we approach the problems of child education.
My daughter is learning now teach character education in the Middle, but I never use it as a daughter to work standards. My wife and my philosophy of education instead. My wife is my top 5 would be angry, and I was just the opposite, my daughter's 15th I'm happy, I always said to her daughter: "you see 40 students in your class, you're 15, followed by 25 people, you're amazing!" From the perspective of children for a lifetime, good or bad is your child score, entered North into universities, there is no essential difference. Can really bring the children for a lifetime of distance, is a character who is doing things with him. Character set comes from the force of our example, parents as their child's role model is inescapable. The things we ask that children have no effect, because the parents failed to do so. For example, parents play mahjong, barks at the children to learn, children, of course, are not willing to learn. When the father says: "Lao Zi, Deadbeat, worthless you are going to want I do?" Children think, you say you are worthless, that I'm happy playing mahjong, you didn't go to College have a good time, why should I go to College? parents is the best example. But I am facing many problems in setting an example, my job is to use a computer, but I turned on the computer and my daughter will think that I am doing other things. Although I tell my daughter I was at work, but my daughter doesn't believe it. No way, then as long as my daughter is learning, I'll take a book next to my daughter to see, as a result, there is a rule in which model plays a very important role.
My mum and dad plays a very important role. My parents are not literate, but parents of the advantages I have the answer, become my criteria. I am in my father, for example. My father was a Carpenter and is the beam, he is our expert in the radius of 15. My father was a happy people who could not pay, because the beam family to drink, I drink happy father bringing the money. Get your money back home because, my mother told my father fight, my father was very strong, my mother was very thin, and every time I called my father, mother, and father never fought back. I learned from my father, no matter what others say, he does not matter, at any time not to hurt my mother. My mother belongs to the particularly strong personality who sometimes say I look tough, but my father never had the mouth. So, my wife how to train me, I don't talk back, I think I should learn from her father. One advantage of father's generosity into me.
Don't spoil the children now the parents of the child are extremely pampered children to give them everything. Before the things I buy in to his son, will analyze what he want is reasonable, if not reasonably determined not to buy, if not just as easily buy him, I must let the child to complete a task before I bought him. When my daughter to school in a foreign country for example, each of the children in the class had a laptop. I have a desktop computer, but with a laptop would be more convenient, and the House is not short of money, not to buy her is wrong. I told her, dad will buy you, but, you know, not get freely on the things in the world, now you are a big boy now, and need to work to get what they want. If she could recite 30 new Oriental English motivational articles, just to buy her. Results two weeks not to, she has memorized, I bought her a laptop. This kind of education way to let children learn to pay to get a reason, also likes the way children do another thing into her power.
Rules while encouraging your kids to get 60 minutes, you never say the next time you need to get 90 minutes, or an earful from children. You want to say, 60 minutes was good, next time can you get 70 minutes, I no students in classes than you, I just see you progress today than yesterday, tomorrow than today's progress, the child's scores will go up in the subtle. He went up a little, you have to encourage him. When the score even lower when you tell children, this may be the accidental mistakes, MOM and dad support you don't hurt the child learning initiative.
Encouraging at the same time, parents should give their children rules. My son loves to eat ice cream, my wife let him eat a lot every day, is bad for the teeth. I think this is not the way, he can only eat an ice cream, and after half an hour to eat dinner. My son was just 4 years old, do not know what half an hour. I told him the long needle and went to what is half an hour. Son while I look at the clock, half an hour to watch more than 100 times. Managed to stay up for half an hour, and can't wait to eat the ice cream. The second day, it becomes more than 10 times, to become on the third day and watched it two or three times, on the fourth day he knew to break in anyway nor to eat, play, until he remembered eating half an hour had passed. As long as it is the right thing, parents should encourage their children and to give them the rules. After the State rules, parents must not change, change there will be problems.