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"Accompany" tutor needed education reforms to force

"Helping" when tutor tutor needed education reforms to force, regardless of academic performance is good, but can you play. Yesterday, Ms Liu for the children to the campus of Wuhan Polytechnic University Changqing Garden "alternative" tutoring students to win some scratching their head.
Parents hiring tutors required than ever, more money to accompany "play home" certainly makes everyone feel like a novelty, apparently still feel stupid. We cultivate children's comprehensive quality point of view, "edutainment" education mode children gain knowledge at the same time, more important is to have a childhood full of kid stuff.
Student tutoring college students get good grades, offer such as scholarships, English level 46, computer country level ... ... Good students will teach the child? In fact, this is a misunderstanding, our parents for a long time an old idea-don't let your children on the starting line. Called "starting line" is the blind child and other children "rather than", then forced children, want their children to attend better schools, remedial classes, workshops, competitions, school entrance exams and other means. In this way, parents deprived of their children's right to independently choose, fun children's nature is closed, had no alternative but to walk along the established path.
A six-grade pupil of the original poem I really hard! And one primary school in Wuhan City has made a play for the main content of the "nice try" curriculum, all show that the children were a heavy burden when you're tired, they "play" is long, is the childhood freedom cry and call. Parent's parenting poorly, communication with the child less, unreasonable expectations for children, in such a context, can easily lead to psychological sub-health state on children. Over time, the parents of children "seek" education, tend to be rebellious, even doing unimaginable things.
We should choose a tutor for such parents applaud. However, the current examination-oriented education in China more deeply, hard to shake its foundations. In addition, the college entrance examination as long as the "baton", parents cannot afford to relax your child's learning. Faced with an increasingly competitive society, in various kinds of "pit" before school, parents fear that the child lost at the starting line, after losing a foothold in society of the country, involving deprivation of liberty of children room is not surprising.
Tagore once said: the purpose of education should be to pass the breath of life to the people, and not just to impart knowledge. When we let the students according to personality, interest, choose your favorite contents can truly top-notch talent to develop perfect personality and mental health. This requires the concept of parent education changes, to give parents a real dare to accompany "play" tutor needed in reforming the education system to force!