Family common sense

Family can't have nothing but spoil not

Yao piano killed, stabbed the mother to travel Japanese youth airport anger several knives these days, people are talking about in these cases has been discussing a very deep-seated problems behind, that is, China's education, especially in family education in China, what the hell gives children and made them such a twisted character.
Coincidentally, today on Twitter and saw a famous radio DJ in the microblog of public discussion of education issues, and collecting most of the comments, I thought about it, leave a Word, namely "China family education, in addition to spoiling, there's nothing; in addition to tutoring, everything. "
It's not a self-contradictory proposition, which comes from two different angles. Family education in our society today, is composed of numerous specific social backgrounds contribute. First is plans health female caused of child phenomenon contributed to has eye treatment of origin, second many family parents high strength of work makes children grew up of raised most is by more spoiled children of grandfather mother generation bear, third is Shang a generation by at of special history environment by caused of education and social level General by limited by created of part family quality problem, last, now this generation young and life in a height material, social belief missing, high rhythm high pressure of times, Which leads to the small spoiled child in high impact societies lack enough powerful in spirit, easily lost, astray, even to the sick. So called, many families to education, in addition to spoiling, nothing.
Addition a aspects, see bus Shang, two a elderly station with keep with sat in seat Shang of grandson, big road Shang dare loud accused himself parents of child, anywhere spit dividing hook shoulder take back of group students, network Shang frequently appeared of middle school students beat students, abuse animal, let people couldn't help feeling now of children missing a on life of treasure, lack a on right of social belief. And of course my parents spoiled inseparable, like clay, not willing to play won't scold, let the kids form a selfishness all self-psychological, not corrected properly and the correct guidance of the result, is now in addition to tutoring, everything status quo.
So as I've always thought that when our society focuses on a phenomenon when, should analyse the hidden social roots of the problem. China of big, strange many, but strange of frequency sent not only just for I, bystanders of talk, more should let we to reflection its behind of social reasons, as the with now drug home Xin and Airport killing mother by raised of family reflection, if can caused now is into married age paragraph of youth of note, and through self reflection and change, and in future himself raised son Yu female of process in the be change, that such of thinking is on we of next generation, on national of future has benefits of reflection and thinking.