Family common sense

Ten important family minute

1, one minute contact.
Are children lifts parents hand hands, lift force increases, children are located on high. Parents should pay attention to touch the boy's head, shoulders, hold the child's hand, passed by contact between parents and children, and conveyed to the children and the power of love. But physical contact with children should pay attention to your mood, occasion, and so on.
2, a minute to listen to.
Listen to the sound of the seagulls will hover; cock listened to dawn, will sing, and kunpeng hearing nine days before wings. Don't let kids listen to, parents may convert an angle, listening to children's voices, into the child's mind, heart and the heart of the collision. Deep tongue and exchanges focused on, so you can better understand your child's inner world, enhance trust and affection between parents and children. Listening to kids talk, must concentrate, spirits, sweet nature.
3, one minute games.
Clumsy kids music found in the game, clever boy found in the game know, outstanding intelligence in children in the game. Games can enhance the emotions of parents and children, interest in improving children's lives, adjust the child's mental state. Parents bring their children to games, must be healthy, active, fun, guide your children live a full, happy life, upward.
4, one minute corrections.
Wind Willow for the correction, there will be dancing; waves to calm water for the correction, will there be fish; sail boat boats for the correction, there will be speed. Children wrong behavior, parents must be clear about how the Act should be, errors will bring harm, correcting a child's misbehavior, not let it happen, or reversed. But when faced with a child's mistakes, parents must first figure out is subjective and non-subjective factors caused by the children, their severity. Correction to note occasions, language must be gentle, gentle in manner and not be tired, step by step, not rush.
5, one minute incentive.
Incentives can make a person is as confident as ever, incentives can make a person full of hope and encouragement can make a person feel happy forever. Child after the fault occurred, it must be corrected, but in the correction at the same time, should use the understanding of child development, give your child some encouragement, encourage children to move forward and guide the children to reflect on, moving people by emotion. Parents need to have patience and perseverance, to come up with incentives to generous arms, stimulate the child's life, interest, stimulate a child's spirit, stimulate the child's confidence, continue to promote children's development.
6, one minute praises.
Sun praised the flowers, the flowers will be brilliant; rain praise seedlings, seedlings will grow; praised the earth mountains, mountains are beautiful. Child who always has its unique advantages, where he flashes, as parents to pay attention to child life, excellence in learning, seize the best opportunity, for praise. In the process of praising, pay attention to the manner, the place, the tone, timing, extent, and so on.
7, a minute to join.
Participation in realizing democracy, equality, respect for the personality of participation reflects the atmosphere of love, harmony, harmony participation to pool wisdom and strength; participation in the promotion of human development. In one family, parents should respect children's dominant position, when done at home (such as buying a House, buy a car and purchase new appliances, etc), should be aware of the views of children, and allow children to participate in family events management, consensus as far as possible, this will facilitate the formation of the family atmosphere. In the process of child participation, attention, respect and guidance combined don't have obedient children. Participation in order to cultivate the habit of thinking problems, promote children's ability to enhance, rather than meet the requirements of children.
8, one minute corrections.
Child appears very serious wrongdoing, such as school disciplinary, uncivilized behavior in society, and there must be discipline, children may go to the wrong road. Therefore, parents need to show their attitude, can be criticized with harsher words clearly, pointed out that the nature of the error, shall be ordered to correct our mistakes, but never do harm to children, should have senses, control their impulses on the clear thread to avoid opposing emotions. To master the best time to discipline the children, when children blame, the presence of others, children don't discipline your children when agitated.
9, one minute of love.
Autumn love sky, only a total of three color; the sunset love lone Heron, one fly peaks love Ridge, one vein. Parents should let children know: you are most distressed parent who, even when serious problems occur in your parents to discipline you, is the responsibility of parents in the fulfilment of love. Today you are not happy, even in tears, parents will be less happy, more tears will flow. Parents love to children must have some artistic skills.
10, for a minute expect.
Continuation of children is their parents ' lives, are the future of our country. Children grow up in parents ' expectations. Parents expect for their children should let them know that. For example, parents can grow up with your children at the right time to talk about his journey, let the child know that parents do not want their children to suffer the same fate; and kids draw a blueprint of, talking about the good life the ideal; you can encourage language development the child spirit of hardworking, brave. But the parents of young children's expectations should be rational, realistic, development.