Family common sense

Parents should become life signs

Recently, the "Tiger" mode of education in the United States causing intense discussions in China, almost all the media and teachers tell parents to learn to "happy education" and to encourage alternative criticism. "A blank" child, what should parents do? We listen to the experts ' recommendations, and welcome contributions or visit the network of light it is also involved in the discussions.
"Chinese mother", meaning those who force these kids to learn, test scores must be on top, mastering this skill, competition, the pursuit of somebody's autocratic style tutor, she has some typical to some extent. China parents General on children expects high, children burden overweight, in China Youth Research Center of survey in the found, has 54.7% of parents hope children get Dr degree, 83.6% of middle school students parents requirements children exam to made Qian 15 name of results, these data and Chua of requirements compared consistent, but apparently most of children is cannot do of, such must to children brings is big of pressure.
"Chinese mother" this phenomenon associated with our education system, but at the same time, Chinese culture, indeed there is a pushy, big ambitions into a Phoenix tradition, which allows United States immigrant families with special attention to children's learning. Until recently, with the development of the only-child generation, China's influence began to accept the Western democracy, freedom and education, but many families learn the Western side of the protection of the rights of the child, but did not learn to nurture their children the responsibility side, cause too much freedom, development problems. International study found that most high-level tutoring style democratic family, its growth rate is the highest, second in authoritarian households, become the lowest rate is laissez-faire family, she is the second way, sure, good parenting than spoiled indulgence. But Ms Chua's parenting style is unscientific, children cannot have first-class level, they take part in any activity should have its own power of choice, and each child is different, Chua's education does not respect these basic principles.
Child growing up is a process of socialization, in which two significant features can not be ignored in the process: one is the group that children must be brought up in interactions with peers, is indispensable. Second, practical, the child was brought up in experience. Most Chinese parents focus on learning, on the minds of children feel lonely, they are most concerned about and no one cares.
"Cultivating healthy personality of children, and the child determines the relationship between education, habits decide the fate, and the kids were growing up," these are my most important views and proposals of education in recent years. Adolescent child command method or simply asking for is difficult, because they think they have grown up, rebel were also strong. My advice to parents is, found children's dreams, guide the children to achieve their dreams and create their own. Only in this way, children may feel their parents ' respect for themselves, will fight for his dream to produce enthusiasm.
Amy Chua's parenting style have the potential to be demonized, and many of her ideas and practices is wrong, parents should not be blindly learning from. Only values need to think about is that children love to dare to say no. Children need their parents ' authority, parents should become the sign of life.