Family common sense

Don't let your child suffer contradiction tutor

One educator said, "nowadays children grow up to withstand the many contradictions of life and values education. "Look at our parents and children, so that problems can be seen everywhere: the parents telling their children what's right at the same time, they are always doing something" wrong "......" precept "and" example "on the contradictions in the life of, children now in" words "and" teach by example "of contradictions.
Many parents give their children talk about "every grain of hardships", who carelessly throw away because he dislikes the food side to read to them, "Jung, let the pears", while scrambling to squeeze grab; advised the children to listen to the teacher, but behind judge teacher ... ... Contradictions such as these acts are everywhere.
"Poor teaching" and "rich teaches" contradictions in life, today's children are in "poor teaching" and "rich teaches" contradiction.
Now significantly improved people's living standard, has the ability to provide better living conditions for their children, and now mostly only children, makes it emotionally to anything. The other hand, parents want their children to have to concentrate on study, the truth about hard work and plain living, natural child loss.
"Coddled" and "treason" paradoxes in the parent-child relationship, today's children are in "spoiled" and "treason" of contradictions.
Many parents of children almost everything, can change the results is: children do not respect their parents, not understanding parents, even into the extreme, parents raised the evil butcher. In this regard, the parents should seriously review and examine his own education ideas and methods, in fact, many of the problems are our own children to teach.
"Indulgent" and "arbitrary" contradictions in the way of education, children now in "indulgent" and "tyranny" in contradiction.
Some parents think, and believe that children are very young, children many of the shortcomings are to be seen as a kind of innocent, its shortcomings and mistakes left, without any control. On the other hand, 50% 's parents with his parents "authority", to excessive interference in the child's life, in the eyes of many parents, children are always merely their accessories, they are not willing or are not good at making children and their equal status, do not know how to respect the rights of children and personality.
"Wisdom" and "light virtue" contradictions in the content of education, children now in "wisdom" and "light virtue" of contradictions.
Due to the influence of examination-oriented education, people were especially concerned exam, keep his eyes fixed on test scores, looking only at results, with little or no moral implications. Because, in their view, moral issue does not appear to be any problems, or you do not need to learn, or as worthy of attention.
"Development" and "limit" contradictions in terms of character development, children now in "development" and "limit" of contradictions.
Parents desire their children to grow up, so for their children is a "magnificent" development plan, if such a choice consistent with the child's interests, of course that is a good thing, but the fact is that many parents of "development" plans against child interests, such "development" actually "limits" the child's development.