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Teaching children English at home are five ideas

Some suggestions to guide children to learn English:
Apart from schools, parents can also teach children English at home, but the focus was to get his attention, if only a English word card attached to the sofa or TV was not attracted to him in vain. Than homemade cards, graphics cards, but with the bright colors and lively way to guide him. Also, you can select the songs he likes to listen to, because of the great speech differences of Chinese and English, to make his first don't exclude, first listened, then let him learn something else. But singing soon learned, easy for children to get a sense of accomplishment, think English is very simple.
Be sure to understand the development of children, if the parents do not know, have been forcing children, children will reject. Parent-child relationships are not like the relationship between teachers and students, teaching composition was too high, not only learn bad, also destroy the parent-child relationship. And parents don't understand teaching methods, rather than rashly teaching rather than play with him, such as publications of the playing cards, playing games and so on.
Moreover, not every child has a gift for English, some people are just not interested in language, not because they think it is important to force children to very ill. What parents can do is to try to provide a lot of opportunities and materials, children can succeed, you also need to meet a number of conditions, but also to try several methods, not what others say, your children don't like it, blame the children, also may the textbook is now to agree with him, and after some time instead of interest.
In line with the child's level to choose the child understanding of materials, less appropriate, too easy will be frozen children's learning, too hard will make them with frustration.
Choose to live close to the subject to choose to live close to the subject material, and observe the child's interests, oblige. Assuming he likes cars, on the choice of teaching material of the car; assuming like fruit, choose materials with fruit, and so on, let the children will one day live in conjunction with English.
Choose fun materials to select funny material, allows him to action, humor, games, high pressure is small and fun, but remember not to keep learning as a precondition, as long as kids for fun learning, without interest of course don't want to touch.
Avoid similar don't buy too big sets of book, children will hard Digest, because children is is fickle of, missed has has interest of time, on didn't want to to touch has, parents suddenly buy many of book, content, and form and is similar, children easy antipathy, and parents money are spent has, must will eager to let children finished, child a has pressure instead on not see has. Experts advise parents, pay this, as much as possible, and to meet the interests, small meals, children's English proficiency will slowly improve.

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